A visit to Cygnet Woodfired Bakehouse

We thought we might take advantage of the rare Tasmanian sun during these gloomy winter months and head down to Cygnet for a bakery style lunch today.

I also may have happened upon a photo of one of their Cruffins, which I thought, being the crazed sweet tooth that I am, would be worth the hour drive down to Cygnet to try. I was not wrong.

Heading down through the beautiful Huon Valley gave me a refreshed appreciation for this amazing little state we live in.

As we pulled up outside of Cygnet Woodfired Bakehouse we made an agreement that we would NOT go overboard in our purchases for lunch.
However, we were greeted with an incredible amount of different bakery delights, and even with the utmost self control, we only managed to narrow it down to two desserts each and a tasty coconut chicken sourdough.
I would like to note, as a beverage we selected a bottle of water for a ‘healthy balance’…

We headed back to Huonville and sat along the Huon River to enjoy our lunch in the sun.
Looks can be very deceiving, it may seem like a beautiful, warm, summer’s day.
The actual truth is, it was freezing. The slightest breeze bringing with it ice cold shards of air direct from Mount Wellington.
We finished our delicious coconut chicken sourdough lunch and retreated to the car.

We enjoyed our brownie treat, with it’s unique twist of taste in the warmth of our car as we headed back to Hobart.

I am not ashamed to admit we did eat our custard cruffins the same day, after we arrived home, with a nice hot cup of coffee, and they were incredible.

Cygnet Woodfired Bakery was definitely a worthwhile trip. The only disappointment was that there were none of their famous donut creations for us to choose from, but there is always next time!

If you’re heading towards Cygnet, be sure to stop in to the Cygnet Woodfired Bakehouse, their staff were very friendly, (and helpful in our clear struggles in making a decision) and enjoy their authentic sourdoughs that are made completely by hand and baked in a wood-fired oven.

Don’t forget the variety of tasty sweets and savory buttery, crisp croissants, Danish pastries and exquisite brownies.


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